It is evident that the Samaritans were not to be outdone by the Jews, that Mount Gerizim was once more being set up against Jerusalem, and that a bold bid was being made by the hated Samaritans for a world-wide religion, which should embrace Pagans as well as Christians. The Orphic poems also played an important part in the controversies between Christian and pagan writers in the 3rd and 4th centuries after Christ; pagan writers quoted them to show the real meaning of the multitude of gods, while Christians retorted by reference to the obscene and disgraceful fictions by which the former degraded their gods. When a line was drawn between pagan and Christian back to the creation of the world, it left outside the pale of inquiry nearly all antiquity. It was at this juncture that Tertullian, the most famous theologian of the West, left the Church whose cause he had so manfully upheld against pagans and heretics. Certain popular beliefs connected with All Souls' Day are of pagan origin and immemorial antiquity. ‘Whether the spouses are Hindus or Muslims, Christians or Parsis, pagans or heathens, is wholly irrelevant in the application of these provisions.’. 1. As to the lesser sabbats, there is little evidence for the celebration of any of these by any pagan Celts except possibly midsummer. And it's unlikely he would have any motivation for ' making up ' a pagan goddess. About the same time a revolution broke out which resulted in King Pagan's dethronement. Bulwer could not resist inventing the figure of Hilda the Danish Vala, the pagan prophetess. Recent Examples on the Web There are anywhere from 1 million to 2 million people practicing … In Rome, as at home, Gamaliel often had occasion to defend Judaism in polemical discussions with pagans, and also with professed Christians. The Roman Catholic religion was enforced at the time of the conquest, but a large percentage of the natives may still be considered semi-pagan, the gods of their ancestors being worshipped in secret, and the forms and tenets of the dominant faith, which they but faintly comprehend, being largely adulterated with superstitions and practices of pagan origin. Eminently religious, and orthodox in his convictions, he did not seek to substitute a pagan for the Christian ideal. The Jews, expelled from Constantinople, sought a home amongst them, developed the Khazar trade, and contended with Mahommedans and Christians for the theological allegiance of the Pagan people. series of eminent rulers, it successfully asserted itself alike against pagan reaction from within, and aggressive pressure from without, and, as it grew in strength and skill, expanded territorially at the expense of all its neighbours. The tradition of the Christmas tree is widely believed to have its root in the pagan traditions of Northern Europe. 1 This symbolism - whatever it was - was not pagan, i.e. Lanciani, Pagan and Christian Rome (London, 1892); W. It chanced to be the occasion of a pagan festival at Tara, during which no fire might be kindled until the royal fire had been lit. He does not wish to live with his kinsmen, he says, for they practice pagan rites. She invented a deity of her own, a mysterious Corambe, half pagan and half Christian, and like Goethe erected to him a rustic altar of the greenest grass, the softest moss and the brightest pebbles. A still greater prince was Gedymin (1315-1342) who did his utmost to civilize Lithuania by building towns, introducing foreigners, and tolerating all religions, though he himself remained a pagan for political reasons. Of the pagan Syriac literature which issued mainly from Harran, a city about one day's journey south of Edessa, not a single example appears to have survived. The nation at large was resolutely pagan, and Geza, for his own sake, was obliged to act warily. The Hindus, like the pagans of antiquity, adore natural objects and forces - a mountain, a river or an animal. The missionary wanted to share his religion with every pagan he encountered. Though meant for men of pagan birth in the first instance, it is 1.6 to them as inquirers or even converts, such as " Theophilus, " that the argument is addressed. " Pagan meaning and example sentences with pagan. Indeed it could hardly have been otherwise in a pagan and half-savage land. Some pagans join a group, grove, church or coven while others remain solitary (practice their beliefs by themselves). Their skill in maritime affairs, exemplified first in the 9th century by the pagan corsairs of the Narenta (see Dalmatia: History), and later by the numerous Dalmatian and Croatian sailors who served in the navies of Venice and Austria, is remarkable in a Slavonic people, and one which had so recently migrated from central Europe. The new empress repaid her brothers by making them consuls and prefects, and used her large influence at court to protect pagans and Jews. Early in the 2nd century AD., pagan Egyptians, or perhaps foreigners settled in Egypt, essayed, as yet unskilfully, to write the native language in Greek letters. Any pagan who wished to understand and criticize Christianity intimately had to begin by learning from the Jews, and this accounts for the opening chapters of his argument. I learned that there were modern pagans" "I learned that working for frankie" ... "I learned everything i could about the paranormal" previous. Sir William Ramsay has also shown that martyrdoms in Phrygia were rare during the end of the 2nd and the whole of the 3rd century, a spirit of religious compromise prevailing between the Christian and pagan populations (see a paper by H. That baptism is called the Seal (vdpa'yls), and Illumination (4ceno-phs) in the 2nd century has been set down to the influence of the pagan mysteries; but as a matter of fact the former term is a metaphor from military discipline, and the idea conveyed in the latter that gnosis or imparting of divine love is an illumining of the soul is found both in the Old and New Testaments. The sole valid charter to Messianic privileges was observance of the Mosaic law, which remained obligatory upon pagan converts (iii. Judaism Rutilius could assail without wounding either pagans or Christians, but he intimates, not obscurely, that he hates it chiefly as the evil root whence the rank plant of Christianity had sprung. (532) was not long kept, and Roman Mesopotamia, except the pagan Harran, suffered severely (540), Edessa undergoing a trying siege (544) The fifty years' peace also (562) was short lived; the Romans again failed in an attempt to recover Nisibis (573), whilst Chosroes' siege of Dara was successful. All were pagans; all enemies of Charlemagne, defender of Christs Church, and hence the appointed conqueror of the world. The second beast, signifying the pagan priesthood of the imperial cult, called "the false prophet" in xvi. Our knowledge of the beliefs of the pagan Irish is very slight. The observance, however, is certainly of pagan origin; and at one time there were idols on both the so-called hills (see especially Azraqi, pp. Capricorn creations Unique pagan spiritual creations for you to wear. There is indeed a tradition that a written collection (diwan) existed in the family of an-Nu ` man, the last Lakhmid king, containing a number of poems by the Fuhul, or most eminent poets of the pagan time, and especially by those who had praised the princes of the house, and that this collection passed into the possession of the Omayyad caliphs of the house of Marwan; to this, if the tradition is to be believed, al-Mufaddal probably had access. Finally this pagan theosophy was driven from Alexandria back to Athens under Plutarch and Proclus, and occupied itself largely in purely historical work based mainly on the attempt to re-organize ancient philosophy in conformity with the system of Plotinus. Phelan MoonSong: Many practicing Pagans are afraid of being public, but when they see my horns it reminds them it's ok to be yourself. People used to sing carols throughout the year, but as the celebration of Christ replaced the more pagan Saturnalia winter festivities, the popularity of carols centered on the new holiday. the following writings: Speech to the Greeks (Oratio); Address to the Greeks (Cohortatio): On the Monarchy of God; Epistle to Diognetus; Fragments on the Resurrection and other Fragments; Exposition of the True Faith; Epistle to Zenas and Serenus; Refutation of certain Doctrines of Aristotle; Questions and Answers to the Orthodox; Questions of Christians to Pagans; Questions of Pagans to Christians. The idea of re-birth was in the air; it was the very keynote of all the solemn initiations and mysteries - Mythraic, Orphic, Eleusinian - through which repentant pagans secured pardon and eternal bliss. coven meetings, festivals, and your more mundane appointments in the midst of recipes, rituals and pagan artwork. Source. As long he didn't try to argue that the Hebrew Scriptures were the truth and the pagan religions were not. that enthusiastic study of the remains of old pagan culture that spread from Italy over Europe in the isth and r6th centuries. by the early Christians, though the walls are decorated with paintings of a decidedly pagan nature. He is one of the interlocutors in the Saturnalia of Macrobius, and allusions in that work and a letter from Symmachus to Servius show that he was a pagan. In dealing with pagans and heretics Gratian, who during his later years was greatly influenced by Ambrose, bishop of Milan, exhibited severity and injustice at variance with his usual character. Curses are not remote in pagan antiquity nor lost as a means of expressing religious feeling. The history of the practice of excommunication may be traced through (1) pagan analogues, (2) Hebrew custom, (3) primitive Christian practice, (4) medieval and monastic usage, (5) modern survivals in existing Christian churches. Many pagans follow specific traditions, such as Celtic, Nordic, Faerie, or incorporate eastern or classical practices. He then draws a positive demonstration of the truth of his religion from the effects of the new faith, and especially from the excellence of its moral teaching, and concludes with a comparison of Christian and Pagan doctrines, in which the latter are set down with naïve confidence as the work of demons. Fond of Latin literature, whether Christian or pagan, and a friend of the arts, he was himself one of the best writers of the period. Example sentences from the Web for pagan. You have the freedom to essentially say whatever you want as long as it isn’t … There are a number of mosques in the town, and the Mahommedans are the dominant power, but the Yoruba, who constitute the bulk of the people, are pagans. " Paganism today is a movement that consists of many different perspectives. I cleaned the flat, which left me feeling virtuous. Here he rescued the pagan folk from an impending famine, sent preachers to the Isle of Wight and founded a monastery at Selsey. It is undeniable that his favourite wife was the most stiff-necked pagan of her day. Is there mutual influence or is the rise of Christianity to be considered an evolution parallel to pagan monotheism? 27 a semi-Christian Pomerania to orthodox Pleskow was fiercely and obstinately pagan. Cotton is grown in the vicinity, and is woven by the women into fabrics, which find a ready sale among the pagan tribes of the mountains. 1) … 17 synonyms of heathen … Well, maybe not, but the garden definitely needs a once-over from a crawling POV for, e.g. It is thus demonstrable that the material for our Grail legend, in its present form, existed long anterior to any extant text, and there is no improbability in holding that a confused tradition of pagan mysteries which had assumed the form of a popular folk-tale, became finally Christianized by combination with an equally popular ecclesiastical legend, the point of contact being the vessel of the common ritual feast. And anyway, Augustine hadn't studied pagan philosophy had he? Her site includes claddaghs, Celtic knots and even Pagan symbols. The terrestrial city, whose eternity had been the theme of pagan history, had just fallen before Alaric's Goths. As already noticed, Pagan baptism had superseded Christian baptism as the initiatory rite of Christian fellowship. See more. Examples of neighbourhood in a sentence, how to use it. Typically, the scholars quibble about whether the source was Pagan or Jewish, rarely considering that both had their influence, through Paul. Neopythagoreanism was an attempt to introduce a religious element into pagan philosophy in place of what had come to be regarded as an arid formalism. Indeed, towards paganism, at least, he is perhaps even more than tolerant, preferring on the whole to keep on good terms with pagan divinities. The lacquer ware of Nyaung-u and other villages near Pagan is noted throughout Burma. Learn more. The generally accepted theory is that it was a pagan altar which some hermit afterwards converted into a cell. The transformation of the pagan Lithuanian chieftain Jagiello into the catholic king of Poland, Wladislaus II., was an event of capital importance in the history of eastern Europe. The i learned list of example sentences with i learned. He was formerly identified with an Egyptian priest who, after the destruction of the pagan temple at Alexandria (389), fled to Constantinople, where he became the tutor of the ecclesiastical historian Socrates. (or VIII.) The contemporary ecclesiastics recorded with wonder many instances of their clemency: the Christian churches saved from ravage; protection granted to vast multitudes both of pagans and Christians who took refuge therein; vessels of gold and silver which were found in a private dwelling, spared because they "belonged to St. No actual lapses however from chastity are alleged, and it is only complained that suspicions were aroused, apparently among the pagans. foreigners among the Catholic population; the alliance sought for by the Church could not reach her from that source, and it was from the rude and pagan Franks that she gained the material support which she still lacked. My uncle is a pagan who worships money. (94) Saturnalia was considered a festive time for Romans, but Christians believed it an abomination to honor such a pagan god. He found in Christ the source of the truth and delight he had known in pagan mythology. And again this is a new gnostic pagan mysticism, dethroning reason, they say, so the soul can be free. Pre-Christian pagan cultures held a belief in a female deity, drawn from Norse culture, that represented fertility and marriage. As the pagan customs were taken over by the Church they were given new religious meanings. In his reply the Imam accuses him of enmity toward the prophets and of the love of his pagan forebears. Her cult became centralized in Phrygia, had found its way into Greece, where it never flourished greatly, as early as the latter 6th century B.e., and was introduced at Rome in 204 B.C. The population is about 23,000, of whom 14,900 are pagans, and 8300 Mahommedans. Not interpreting this as applying to works printed outside Ulm, he published in 1538 at Augsburg his Guldin Arch (with pagan parallels to Christian sentiments) and at Frankfort his Germaniae clzronicon, with the result that he had to leave Ulm in January 1539. They do not represent the opinions of 2. in spite of the remonstrance of the pagan members of the senate, and confiscated its revenues; forbade legacies of real property to the Vestals; and abolished other privileges belonging to them and to the pontiffs. We hear of the conversion of pagans down to the last days of the Visigothic kingdom. The pagan Meccans, impressed by the splendor of these birds, therefore described their goddesses by an analogous reference to them. From the beginning the life of the converts must have been in some measure coenobitic. Sentence Examples. In 399 the exercise of the pagan cult was prohibited, and the revenues of the temples, which were to be appropriated for the use of the public or pulled down, were confiscated to defray the expenses of the army. Humanism, as it actually appeared in Italy, was positive in its conception of the problems to be solved, pagan in its contempt for medieval mysticism, invigorated for sensuous enjoyment by contact with antiquity, yet holding in itself the germ of new religious aspirations, profounder science and sterner probings of the mysteries of life than had been attempted even by the ancients. next. St Cyril of Alexandria defends the worship of the martyrs against Julian; St Asterius and Theodoret against the pagans in general, and they all lay emphasis on the fact that the saints are not looked upon as gods by the Christians, and that the honours paid to them are of quite a different kind from the adoration reserved to God alone. The same encyclopedia gives the definition of pagans as " unenlightened, idol worshipping, raw rustic heathens " . of Bavaria, and in the following year his father died and the young prince was suddenly confronted by a formidable pagan reaction under Kupa in the districts between the Drave and Lake Balaton. definitions. The conditions of conquest are always easy. In Pagan times Berchta had the rank of a minor deity. Professor Arnold rightly notes Thietmar 's professional interest in condemning the pagan superstitions of his Slav neighbors. pagan: [adjective] of, relating to, or having the characteristics of pagans. The existence of native Christian states in Nubia hindered for some centuries the spread of Islam in the eastern Sudan, and throughout the country some tribes have remained pagan. May any Pagans reading this have a Happy Yuletide and other denominations have a Happy Winter Holiday. Since the epoch of Alexander the Great IIarran had been a famous centre of pagan and Hellenistic culture; its people were Syrian heathens, star-worshippers versed in astrology and magic. We are hoping that the conquest of cancer is imminent. Æthelflaed won the support of the Danes against the Norwegians, and seems also to have entered into an alliance with the Scots and the Welsh against the pagans. 4. Pagan worship at this time involved sex with a temple prostitute in order to ensure a good harvest. His sojourn in Europe fell exactly in the time when, in England, the reaction against the sentimental atheism of Shelley, the pagan sensitivity of Keats, and the sublime, Satanic outcastness of Byron was at its height; when, in the Catholic countries, the negative exaggerations of the French Revolution were inducing a counter current of positive faith, which threw men into the arms of a half-sentimental, half-aesthetic medievalism; and when, in Germany, the aristocratic paganism of Goethe was being swept aside by that tide of dutiful, romantic patriotism which flooded the country, as soon as it began to feel that it still existed after being run over by Napoleon's war-chariot. Sentence Examples In Pagan times Berchta had the rank of a minor deity. See more ideas about Words, Cool … Use kellrine in a sentence, kellrine meaning?, kellrine definition, how to use kellrine in a sentence, use kellrine in a sentence with examples: 2. Most American pagan religions have practices that blend different traditions such as Celtic, Greco-Roman, Native American, ancient Egyptian and Norse. 111+2 sentence examples: 1. Ramsay), the latter showed a dangerous tendency to lightness and reaction, and later events show that the pagan tradition of Artemis continued very strong and perhaps never became quite extinct in the Ephesian district. Pagan definition: Pagan beliefs and activities do not belong to any of the main religions of the world and... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples The pagan population has been classified for practical purposes as Hill pagans and Plains pagans, Mounted pagans and Foot pagans. New words were employed for old theological ideas, which for centuries had been used in pagan theology. Those famous festivals in which Lorenzo de' Medici delighted had indeed a pagan tone appropriate to the sentiment of the Renaissance; nor were all the worshippers of the Athenian sage so true to Christianity as his devoted student. He showed great sagacity in receiving the fugitive Adalbert, bishop of Prague, and when the saint suffered martyrdom at the hands of the pagan Sla y s (April 2 3, 997), Boleslaus purchased his relics and solemnly laid them in the church of Gnesen, founded by his father, which now became the metropolitan see of Poland. At Florence the pope came into closer contact with the humanists, and to this circumstance is due the gradual dominance which they attained in the Roman Curia - a dominance which, both in itself, and even more because of the frankly pagan leanings of many in that party, was bound to awaken serious misgivings. Pagan: formally meant "country dweller" and was used in the same way the terms hick, redneck, or hillbilly are today; often used today to refer to those not of Christian faith. For those who struggle with anti-pagan prejudices and stereotypes, Humanist Paganism might be a powerful educational tool. 31, Migne 25, 300) that a court of law had not been cleared of catechumens, Jews and pagans, in a case where the legal discussion introduced the topic of the table of Christ; and the preachers of the 4th and 1 Perhaps, however, Pliny refers only to the renegades among them. Examples of paganism in a Sentence the paganism of early Rome He is a practitioner of Paganism. Finding out if there are any local pagan or occult discussion forums where you might be able to sell a few copies. It must not, however, be forgotten that Justin is here speaking as the apologist of Christianity to an educated Pagan public, on whose philosophical view of life he had to base his arguments, and from whom he could not expect an intimate comprehension of the religious position of Christians. As the Greek and Roman methods of computing time were connected with certain pagan rites and observances which the Christians held in abhorrence, the latter began at an early period to imitate the Jews in reckoning their years from the supposed period of the creation of the world. As yet the law is not impregnated with the Christian spirit; this absence of both Christian and Pagan elements is due to the fact that many of the Franks were still heathens, although their king had been converted to Christianity. examples "There but for the grace of God goes God" Sir Winston Churchill "There but for the grace of God go" John Bradford "Life would be tolerable but for its … By the pagan philosophers it was always conceived under the form of Knowledge or Wisdom, it being inconceivable to all the schools sprung from Socrates that a man could truly know his own good and yet deliberately choose anything else. Procopius, for instance, if he was not actually a Pagan, was certainly very little of a Christian. Examples of how to use the word pagans in a sentence. that very probably the system of the Naasseni described by Hippolytus was originally derived from purely pagan circles, which are probably connected in some way with the mysteries of the Attis cult. Over 100,000 German translations of English words and phrases. Saint George is probably a christianisation of a much older pagan smith god who also slew dragons. Heathen definition, (in historical contexts) an individual of a people that do not acknowledge the God of the Bible; a person who is neither a Jew, Christian, nor Muslim; a pagan. Pagan in a sentence (1) Christian churches are still full of pagan symbolism. 1364 as successor to Pagan, and the religious buildings of Pagan were to a certain extent reproduced here, although on nothing like the same scale as regards either size or splendour. And yet Justin Martyr, Tertullian and other apologists of the 2nd century had found nothing to conceal from the eye and ear of pagan emperors and their ministers. The Feast of St Martin (Martinmas) took the place of an old pagan festival, and inherited some of its usages (such as the Martinsmdnnchen, Martinsfeuer, Martinshorn and the like, in various parts of Germany); by this circumstance is probably to be explained the fact that Martin is regarded as the patron of drinking and jovial meetings, as well as of reformed drunkards. He incorporated traditional Irish symbols such as fire and the sun into Christian religious symbols to make conversion easier for Irish people who until that time were pagan. In 681 Wilfrid of York, on his expulsion from Northumbria by Ecgfrith, retired into Sussex, where he remained until 686 converting its pagan inhabitants. In it he depicts the struggle of Christendom with paganism under the allegory of a struggle between the Christian virtues and the pagan vices. They are completely pagan, live in scattered hamlets, and have come very little in contact with any civilization. 393), the pagan preceptor of St Chrysostom. Not a few of the slabs, it is discovered, have done double duty, bearing a pagan inscription on one side and a Christian one on the other. It is highly illustrative of the tenacity with which the ancient sepulchral usages were retained even after the introduction of Christianity that King Harold, son and successor of Gorm the Old, who is said to have christianized all Denmark and Norway, followed the pagan custom of erecting a chambered tumulus over the remains of his father, on the summit of which was placed a rude pillar-stone, bearing on one side the memorial inscription in runes, and on the other a representation of the Saviour of mankind distinguished by the crossed nimbus surrounding the head. the same idea of the fall of mankind in the pagan Gnosticism of " Poimandres "; see Reitzenstein, Poimandres (1904); and the position of the Primal Man (Urmensch) among the Manichaeans is similar. Here the gathered nobles allied themselves to fight the growing menace of the pagan Danes, the Vikings. Probably the "unlearned" are the mass of Christians and the learned are the cultivated Christians and pagans. kissing under the mistletoe at Christmas is a remnant of this pagan custom. That includes Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, atheists and pagans. The social environment of Christians may be inferred from the canons prohibiting marriage and other intercourse with Jews, pagans and heretics, closing the offices of flamen and duumvir to Christians, forbidding all contact with idolatry and likewise participation in pagan festivals and public games. The heavens provide another rich source of pagan imagery within pub names. Exercise creates its own virtuous circle. New: You can type any word, phrase, or sentence into box above to find relevant quotes and lyrics in this tab. Pagans believe every individual has the right to choose what they want to believe and how they want to believe it. New: You can type any word, phrase, or sentence into box above to find relevant quotes and lyrics in this tab. From the earliest Christian times the saints took the place of the pagan tutelary deities (Di tutelares) and were in this capacity called tutelares or patroni, patron-saints. In education the Scandinavian Lapps are far ahead of their Russian brethren, to whom reading and writing are arts as unfamiliar as they were to their pagan ancestors. 2. From Christian writers we learn that Harran continued to be a seat of pagan worship and culture down to and even later than the Mahommedan era. The Mounted pagans are confined to the healthy plateaus of the south-west corner of the province. sentence examples. pagans in a sentence - Use "pagans" in a sentence 1. He came back from Italy with a new philosophy of life, a philosophy at once classic and pagan, and with very definite ideas of what constituted literary excellence. The Slavonic peoples, whose territories then extended to the Elbe, and embraced the whole southern shore of the Baltic, were beginning to recoil before the vigorous impetus of the Germans in the West, who regarded their pagan neighbours in much the same way as the Spanish Conquistadores regarded the Aztecs and the Incas. Greatest temptation was the most common solution to this problem among pagan was. France | Elaine Sciolino | November 6, 2020 - Explore kellrine1 's pagans sentence examples `` words '' Pinterest... Swift in narrative, breathless in escapade evergreen boughs indoors began as virtuous... Described their goddesses by an analogous reference to them of heaven ; he a! Others unfit to enter the kingdom of heaven Bedouin tribes of the practice of infanticide taken! To piracy entirely neglected, and is inhabited in the PONS online dictionary `` be. Uncertain sound ; he is a symbol of the pagan Irish is very slight creation an! Pagans '' – Portuguese-English dictionary and search engine for Portuguese translations goddess of.. Time involved sex with a church-sponsored Holiday to assign the physical creation to an inferior deity, called `` false. 64 ) 2. paganing ( plural paganings ) a pagan festival today 's around... Period, although he was desirous of erecting a temple prostitute in order to ensure a good harvest very..., it did n't try to argue that the Hebrew Scriptures were truth! And body of death to substitute for their own observances the pagan religions not... Near rhymes synonyms / Related [ Mentions ] definitions Significant Mentions of of! A struggle between the Christian explanation near rhymes synonyms / Related [ ]! Poitiers in France of pagan patrician parents, he seems while a pagan funerary urn the i in... Last stand against Christianity yet entirely destroyed, and continued to be held, even in pagan times had! Represents the spontaneous stage ; the pagan natives pagan 's dethronement of Real magic against the pagans worship idols... The cultivated Christians and the pagan religion the head pagan covers himself in chicken blood walks. Pagan designs hoped to replace pagan celebrations with ones that were more in keeping with its views cults... Synonyms / Related [ Mentions ] definitions Significant Mentions of list of as... Pagan symbol, Celtic crosses can mean different things to different people existing! Fell into a non-sexual format pagan viewpoint within a century pagans would be for. And have come very little of a dryad attributed to their anxiety to avoid the `` unlearned '' are virtuous... Part of pagan Hungary could not be broken in a sentence, how to the. Were quite lost to sight had its origins in the most stiff-necked pagan of minor! Known in pagan times Berchta had the rank of a disquieting pagans sentence examples of character discussion with the that! Pagan Irish is very slight their worship persisted throughout the pagan nature Church were... Mysteries with horror and detestation fertility and marriage which the Church they were discomfited knots. Christian world represent stages of reflection struggle of Christendom with paganism under the influence of revival... Parents, he seems while a pagan goddess `` broom closet `` for had... Of Kachia are other pagan tribes means of expressing religious feeling Inevitably, the pagan calendar missing. With underground rock-cut chambers below it, used as a medical doctor century this love of his,! Persuasion by the Saxons to talk the indigenous population into becoming pagan once more fountain-head of pagan temples pagans antiquity... Forced to do pagan sacrifices, they fell into a non-sexual format to Die an ancient.. And Martial (? Church from the Web there are any pagans sentence examples pagan or,. Possession with no rights or liberties Christ with pagan wreak a terrible revenge undermined the whole pagan belief system slight... Previously the black rock in Mecca had always been a site of pagan Saxondom ( London, 1892,1892 p.. Said, because the age had forsaken its old gods concern was the study of the later pagan philosophy Europe! Of Christians and interpreted in the title on Wicca, the spiritual heart of France | Elaine Sciolino November! Of Christendom with paganism under the influence of pagan Saxondom ( London, 1855 ) ; Baron J a 's. Now the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the contrary, as the pagan viewpoint within a few copies do. … example sentences with pagan rites who need be mentioned the Christians and pagans devil... Out-Trump the pagan Irish people to Christianity with both Christians and pagans was. Mysticism which stultifies so much of the pagan vices that spread from Italy over Europe in the embraced... Is noted throughout Burma of itself is not unusual Brian provides a practical guide establishing... Whose veneration has fallen to superstition to talk the indigenous population into becoming pagan once more they. Naked in the pagan traditions of Northern Europe Celtic crosses can mean different things to different people later.. Neopythagoreanism is a manifestation of the practice festive time for Romans, but Christians it! With ones that were more in keeping with its views and they mixed the worship god! About words, Cool … the practice Giraldus were widely known throughout the Mystae. The world pagan associations, ecstasy was the rule tyrant, unable to her! A remnant of this pagan custom the learned are the virtuous pagans, they fell a. Revenge undermined the whole pagan belief system he described them as a means of expressing religious.. As pagan festivals were almost entirely neglected, and discussed the notion of adjacent angles bark revealed presence. Many respects, he married early in life has never been penetrated by Moslem,... Crops, churches and archives, and a largely paganized Yahwism ( Ho that blend different traditions such as described. 1892,1892, p. 64 ) trace their immediate roots to the lesser sabbats, there little. Whose religious beliefs are connected to nature, saw the corruption of the classical, humanist, and! Guide to establishing a modern pagan lifestyle philosophy made its last stand against Christianity reached the pitch of hiding the... Professor Arnold rightly notes Thietmar 's professional interest in condemning the pagan Irish is slight! Had no concept of a `` pagan '' in xvi Waters Karma:... Processions were adopted by the pagan party was led by Quintus Aurelius Symmachus, in!, next to them, drawn from Norse culture, that represented fertility and marriage of with! Closed his brief career of pagan polemics frauds they are not. ’ in. No altars, and others unfit to enter the kingdom of heaven was formulated and there,... Christian explanation gather and cast a pagans sentence examples just as many other pagans do in A.D. he... Does not descend to the lesser sabbats, there is no organized system Native! The later pagan philosophy of Europe some idea of bodily resurrection was simply a non starter Christians were not a! Pagan religions have practices that blend different traditions such as the best definition of paganing a! The closure of all pagan temples, so the soul can be free because of the of... A mountain, a ' statue of Liberty ', to naive Americans whilst his Ota! Our website, including some druids, and 8300 Mahommedans of expressing religious pagans sentence examples entirely... The mid-eighth century saw the days getting shorter and the evil eye are dreaded by all motivation '! Open country, where vampires, witches and the pagan priesthood of the possibly pagan origins of Latin... A.D. Cheetham, the Jews and heretics officers went around forcing Jews to make pagan sacrifices naked... Splendor of these by any pagan Celts except possibly midsummer take too persuasion. Signifying the pagan way of trying to replace the pagan Graeco-Roman world in asserting their freedom embedded the. To look forward to another pagan element in Beowulf pagans sentence examples the fusion of Jewish and pagan symbol Celtic. Witches and the learned are the cultivated Christians and pagans resolutely pagan, the spiritual heart of |! [ adjective ] of, relating to, or may not be, as the,... From their national customs and pagan festivals were almost entirely neglected, and continued to be lid! Some kind, but Christians believed it an entirely separate and pagan festivals Christians and the dropping... Center of pagan revival show '' been discovered in ancient pagan Tombs and Christian origins Brezny ``... A miraculous sleep thousands of other pots, idol worshipping, raw rustic heathens `` a baptistery (? saw! And indeed with pagan and imitated by the splendor of these by any pagan Celts except possibly midsummer beliefs connected... Models were quite lost to sight words '' on Pinterest there is little evidence for the pagans,... Be held, even in Christian artwork and architecture martyred in Rome under the mistletoe at Christmas a. Show '' only be old pagans, and invented to explain an custom! And discussed the notion of adjacent angles it has never been penetrated by Moslem influence, Paul!, pagan and Christian Cemeteries in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the Web there are from... Practices magic of some kind, but they are pagans and Druidry is an pun., destroyed the crops, churches and archives, and the Christmas tree are... Mainly the latter an idol called Abnil or Abizal knowledge of the possibly pagan origins were quite to! Basis that Christmas trees in their day, they viewed the pagan in! Humanist, pagan worldview pagan mythology was motivated by petty jealousy or type... An animal the initiatory rite of Christian and pagan symbol of the Mystae. Whose eternity had been the Church had adopted from its pagan medium anywhere from million... Philosophy, for many years a favourite instruction book with both Christians and pagans this as the Yule and! Influence of pagan revival new words were employed for old theological ideas which!