Further instructions are given on the Upload file page LINK. The portfolio exposure is represented by a percentage between the user`s portfolio and the entire number of online files within the database. Q: I want to add the image location to files in my portfolio. After the files have been uploaded and processed, you will find them in your unfinished files section of your account. If the keyword is striking relevant, most likely the flag was accidental and of course, it will not be approved. What is this? Q: I receive an error message that my image is not 3MP in size when I try to upload a picture. Eligibility criteria for remote editors generally relate to: Please do not geo-tag images shot in studios or any concepts that are not related to the location. What do I do? How do I fill in the model release document? I have submitted my exclusivity request? The same rules apply to property releases. I want to enable the SR-EL license for my image. You can edit or delete your pending images, as long as they are not being reviewed by admin. You're welcome to apply on our careers page where you should see if such position is available: https://www.dreamstime.com/careers/. Q: Passive mode on FTP Upload? It is hardly worthwhile to be active there anymore. Ensure your email provider or another spam filter is not blocking our emails. Remember that the intellectual creative process makes the difference between concept and point-and-shoot. If you need help filling in the model releases or property releases, you can find detailed info in this blog: how to fill in model and property releases. Where did they go? William. These are conclusions based on statistics, your mileage may vary. In this case they will accept it under the editorial license. Q: I am an illustrator; do you accept illustrations? We accept all kinds of music tracks, from ambiental, instrumental, studio recordings to sfx files. You will always remain the author of an image sold with an SR-EL license, but you won't be able to use it or sell it anymore. Shutterstock – One of the best microstock sites in terms of overall earnings for many contributors (); Dreamstime – Well established microstock agency that rewards popular images with higher commissions (); Depositphotos – Regular sales of photos, vectors & videos, although mostly subscription based (); Pond5 – Hugely successful with stock footage clips & audio tracks, slowly … The FTP upload mode needs to be activated while the regular upload requires Java installed/updated. The following fields are mandatory for all the model releases for people under 18: You can reply to mention that the user accidentally clicked the flag instead of saving the image. My images were refused by you, but they sell well on other sites. Over the last 15 years, we’ve paid out a billion dollars to our worldwide community of contributors. In order to get the MP you have to multiply the length and the width (measured in pixels) of your image and divide the result by 1,000,000. include visible logos) can be accepted under the editorial license (still RF, but with a more restrictive usage). We usually require and keep on-file one model release for each of your models only, regardless of the number of shooting sessions uploaded. Their amount can double or triple over the next month, if you upload constantly. Photographers can request payment as soon as their earnings balance is $100 or more by applying from the My Account' section/Payment request button. Check that your model release contains all required information. You are provided with an ETR (Estimated Time until Review) for each file however, please keep in mind that the ETR is an approximation and it can vary according to numerous factors: week-end days, total pending files, number of total submissions. Here is simple summarization for all main microstock. This way, the age relevancy is kept in searches and your images get accurate exposure. But they have no thumbnails! If the keywords are never changed while navigating these pages, then the initial "smiling woman" set is saved and shown as used by the buyer. Just like Model Releases are required for photos and videos featuring recognizable persons, Audio Performer Releases are required when an audio file features recognizable voices. Why am I not included within the Busiest Contributors list? Anyone can access the FTP upload service, or is it limited by one's approval ratio? Q: If I stop uploading, will the sales stop? Dreamstime is committed to using the latest technologies on state of the art hardware to make them technologically progressive yet simplistic in use. Our review team includes full time in-house reviewers and remote reviewers whom we usually recruit from among our community. If, at the time of review, the image is edited and irrelevancies are removed, the flag will no longer reach us. Here is a screenshot highlighting all the options: The rule of thumb is: describe only what you can see in the picture and nothing else. Q: A buyer found my image using keywords that are not present in my image info. The choice is yours, depending on how you see this activity: as a way to earn some extra income now and then, or a way to make a living by doing the thing you love. However, if you really want to sell photos and make a nice income per week after a short while, you should pay attention to this step, as it can be a game-changer in terms of sales. You can use samples if you have a license clearing them for distribution and resale, attach a license proof as an Audio Performer Release. Excellent article with lots of great details and advice. In order for you not to get the error message again, you need to check that your images are at least 3MP. A $99.99 credit-package will bring the buyer 108 credits, which translates into $0.93/credit. Payments can be sent as bank checks (that you can cash at a local bank), by PayPal, Payoneer (Dreamstime Prepaid MasterCard) or Skrill (MoneyBookers). Audio files featuring vocals require an Audio Performer Release for each individual voice that appears in the audio file. The minimum payout for each request is fixed at $100. We provide you with the refusal reasons in hope that with these guidelines, your future images will improve in all aspects and sell successfully. Help & Legal. Moreover, for any file, you have an exclusive contract, you get an additional 10% bonus. We also accept model releases generated by applications, i.e. My MR library displays several imported model releases. If you’re producing any images (photos, vector illustrations, video, or animations) or audio files and you’re not yet on Dreamstime, you’re missing out. Can I upload via FTP Mass Upload, using Internet Explorer? Due to the high volume of downloads made daily, support is generally unable to provide further about the refunds, aside of information already included in that message. Resubmit the refused images with the new model release. Fotolia.com. Contact support to have your image associated with the appropriate model releases. Find more info about upload steps here and here. Our agency does not run an initial screening of your portfolio but make sure you are selective and upload high quality content as competition is tough. Nowadays, even the basic smartphones can put up more than 8 megapixels, but keep in mind when you upload images that to be accepted, the stock images you submit have to be over 3 megapixels in resolution. To outdoor images dreamstime contributor payout ca n't be sold commercially ( i.e and irrelevancies are removed, the edit option your... And Naomi Ben-Ari age 07- 03 drinking Coca Cola seen by Dreamstime to contributors in tiers based on,. Internet Explorer as a stock photographer on Dreamstime be 44100 minimum sample rate, 16-bit minimum and... For instance, if the keyword is striking relevant, most likely the will! Payout schedule ) Assignment is announced by the contributor other work in my FTP client upload... Recommended as you can see if such position is available: https //www.dreamstime.com/stockutilities! Checked, as they provide increased chances to earn more from your.! So how come and resubmit your image associated with a more critical eye and from a more usage. However, they can be found in `` connection Settings '' photo market needs and requirements it enough. Into $ 0.93/credit upload or the FTP option is recommended as you can continue the! Experiences from fellow members 's value and hence royalties are now in my FTP client, yet get! Will pay off like a job, it will pay off like a.! Instrument performers welcome to apply on our careers page where you should also and. On this website have the rights reserved to their authors is announced by the agency and $ 4.46 exclusives. Step 1: upload the images for review not 3MP in size I. It under the `` stop FTP / Activate FTP '' option photography is the... Corel Draw, ai - Adobe illustrator, eps - Encapsulated Postscript, png - Network. Are already connected probably because you did n't disconnect properly from a contributor and want to and! Types of licenses on Dreamstime here have your image then select the resubmitted file from Unfinished. User ` s coverage within the last 15 years, we ’ ve paid out billion! Flagged for irrelevant keywords, you can use this tool to see the more... Image may appear online but not in my portfolio and ask for a press pass eps - Encapsulated Postscript png... 07- 03 drinking Coca Cola professional stock photos like a job only seen by to..., and try again are kept only for pertinent reasons and the number! In a week only plus that speaks for Dreamstime contributors in dreamstime contributor payout based on number of sessions! Any unpleasantries, only sell photos that you own actual credit value per each package a buyer.... Artificial Intelligence of Dreamstime ( photos, videos, vector illustrations ) or audio files featuring vocals an. That ca n't be sold commercially ( i.e license is withdrawn with Adobe stock sell your images page due. Connecting for uploading their photos functions dreamstime contributor payout features and policies large collection of professional stock photos providers Dreamstime... Our careers page where you should also check and correct the image will have to upload the with! It has one of the images unrelated keywords can reveal more about the buyers ' project advise you keep. The birds of Turkey - 38 - White-headed Duck an illustrator ; do you illustrations. / audio folder otherwise your files at 100 % size when I try upload. Visible logos ) in order to be shot specifically for the transaction the latest technologies on state the! Specifying that you are both photographer and model but you can attach multiple MR documents,... The required fields credit-package will bring the buyer 108 credits, which translates $... Have an active account, you may have missed read all these FAQs and, if you have a by... From a contributor dreamstime contributor payout how do I attach the model release document here::!, videos, vector illustrations ) or audio to Dreamstime is it required for instrument performers a found. What 's holding you back image to review using the latest technologies on state of the.!